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Your website is your shop window

and the internet is your high street

We are website design specialists. We create beautiful websites for businesses from start-ups to fully-fledged organisations.

Your online presence is often the first impression your customers will have of your business, so as well as looking fabulous, it needs to convey the right message. Whether you need an all-singing, all-dancing e-commerce site or something a little more down to earth, Boomerang will provide the building blocks to help you create a powerful site, from design and development right through to creating content and site maintenance.

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Boomerang uses WordPress to create distinctive, beautifully designed websites to show your business in the best possible light. We have the expertise to build a stunning yet functional site that is unique to you. It can be fun and funky, classy or corporate depending on the image you want to portray. And it will look as good on a smartphone or tablet as it does on your desktop.

Website design has changed radically over the last couple of years, and that’s largely because of the WordPress revolution. WordPress now powers more than 24% of the web – everything from simple brochure sites and blogs to complex e-commerce portals and enterprise websites.

Some of the world’s biggest corporations use WordPress to power their sites:

Nokia     eBay     UPS     Sony     Samsung     BBC

The beauty of WordPress is that it allows you to build bespoke themes using just a touch HTML and CSS magic, and any design can be easily translated into a WordPress site. So to create a beautiful site you don’t need to speak fluent geek. But we know several multi-lingual techies for whom no programming challenge is insurmountable, so whatever you need your website to do, between us we have it covered.




Your website is your shop window and the internet is your high street. Boomerang can help you create a website to really get you noticed


Create the engaging and relevant content that your visitors are looking for at the point in their buying journey when they need to find it


Boomerang can guide you through domain name registration and hosting services, and help you up email accounts



Regular site back-ups and updates to your themes and WordPress installation will keep your site up and running


Built in SEO plug-ins enable you to get the best results from key words, meta tags and page titles, ensuring your site always gets found


Go one step further and integrate your website with a range of social media platforms to make the right links with the right people

Content Management

It’s important to keep your website current, and rather than using the services of a programmer for every small tweak, most organisations prefer to update their pages in house. WordPress builds in a simple content management system which is easy to learn, and Boomerang will talk you through all you need to know about adding content and keeping your site up to date. And we will always be on hand if you should encounter any problems.

But if you would like some help creating engaging and relevant content, written by professionals, we can help you create the kind of content your visitors are looking for at the point in their buying journey when then need to find it.

SEO and analytics

What’s the first thing you do when you want to buy something?

We’d be willing to put money on your answer being ‘Google it’!

Your website may be fabulous but if it doesn’t show up in a Google search, nobody will find you. Search engine optimisation WordPress is search engine friendly and goes a long way to ensuring your site figures in searches. Our sites come with built-in SEO plug-ins which allow you to optimise key words, meta tags, page titles and descriptions.  We also work with partners who specialise in enhanced search engine optimisation and analytics to track how your site is performing.



If you need us to, Boomerang can handle the registration of your domain name and provide a website hosting package through our partners We can even set up email accounts for you to help get you started. We have worked with UKHost4U for several years and we recommend them because they’re based in the UK, and if you need support there’s always someone at the end of the phone who can help.

Site maintenance

Once your site is up and running, Boomerang will make sure it stays that way. We’ll keep your WordPress installation, themes and plug-ins up to date and create regular back-ups. As your company and your requirements grow, we’ll help you get the most from your WordPress site.

Social Media

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Our partners

Boomerang works with a number of specialist partners to create the perfect website for your business

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