Hello. I’m Lonsdale. I’m a freelance graphic designer and the owner of Boomerang Design.

Originally a suit and with wide ranging experience of account management and writing – technical, editorial and creative, but always with a creative eye and a hankering to hook up to a Mac, I switched allegiance and moved into the studio so many years ago that I no longer even own a suit.

I formed Boomerang Design to provide a way to work more competitively, more closely and more creatively with each client without the processes and protocol associated with agency life. Over the years I have built up a network of creative and talented people who pitch in whenever a project demands it. Together, we work with a wide range of clients from start ups to established brands.

Having finally left Twickenham after 29 years, I now live in a 17th century farmhouse on the edge of the Somerset Levels and work from home, which – also unlike a traditional agency – helps me keep costs to a minimum. It also means I’m never very far from my Mac so I can usually respond within a matter of minutes! Even when I’m out in the beautiful Somerset countryside with the dog, I’m only a phone call away.

So please do call, or email me, to discuss your next project, even if you just want an opinion. I have plenty of those.

Call me on 07771 935678 or email hello@boomerangdesign.co.uk



Bracken is the studio dog. Every agency seems to have one, no matter how large or small and we’re no different. But that’s the only thing we have in common with other agencies. Don’t be fooled by the rosette. She didn’t get it for obedience.



There might be a new puppy coming soon. Watch this space!

CALL US NOW ON 07771 935678 OR…