Communication, whether internal or external, online or offline, is the key to success. If you can communicate the right message to the right people at the right time, and at a sensible cost, you’re ahead of the game.

Well targeted and well timed communications can help you build relationships with the people who count.

Boomerang combines practicality with creativity to help you
Deliver your message on time, on brief and on budget


Boomerang  has considerable experience of producing newsstand and customer magazines which are perfectly suited to the needs of the reader. From lifestyle to sport, we blend imagination with experience to ensure that every one of our titles is distinctive, fresh and unique. Each is created to achieve the best possible results for our clients and the most engaging, informative and lively magazine for their readers.

Boomerang can help you through all stages of publishing from concept to completion.


Advertising may pay the bills, but content is key. If you don’t engage your readers you will lose them. And if they go, so will your advertisiers.

Great editorial is at the heart of all Boomerang titles. We understand that unless you make a magazine interesting and entertaining, all your hard work is wasted. From flat-planning to subbing, our editors and journalists produce the highest quality editorial, whoever we are writing for.

But we also understand how important it is to work closely with your advertising team to retain flexilbility and allow for last minute changes.


Here’s the important bit… If your magazine isn’t eye-catching, people won’t pick it up and read it.

Whether we’re designing for the newsstand or tarteged distribution, your magazine will stand out from the crowd, with a strong style and imaginative page layouts. Each title is designed from the very start with your readership in mind – each is individual, impactful and readable.


Once your magazine is written and designed, Boomerang will take your pages right through the production management process. We work with a number of printers throughout the UK using both web and sheetfed presses, and we can often negotiage favourable terms on behalf of our clients. We can help you decide which printing process is the most appropriate, what type of stock to use, and where to buy your paper.

But our job doesn’t end there. When your magazine goes to press, we’re on hand day and night to sort out any problems, approve proofs and pass for press, right up until your job is delivered into the hands of your readers.

We think you’ll agree that our values are
reflected in the work we have produced

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